Brian Day wins the PQI travel award

Brian wins the 2020 Pittsburgh Quantum Institute (PQI) travel award for his poster presented during the 2020 poster competition.

Blign launches!

Blign, a Blender plugin for aligning and distributing objects developed by Kutay and Jack of the WilmerLab, launches!

ChemE team wins 2nd place at IBM BlueHack!

During the 2019 IBM BlueHack hackathon, a team of ChemE PhD students from the Wilmer Lab, Little Lab, and Li Lab beat out 19 other teams for a second place f...

MOFs: The Plastics of the 21st Century

In a thought leadership piece published in Scientific American, NuMat co-founders Ben Hernandez and Professor’s Omar Farha and Chris Wilmer, discuss how MOFs...

Algorithm deliberately entangles MOFs.

Kutay’s paper on interpenetrating Metal-Organic Frameworks was featured on the cover of CrystEngComm. The paper also got picked up by Chemistry World.