Advanced Scientific Visual Communication ChE (3460) Spring 2018

This fast-paced course will train students to produce professional scientific visual work, suitable for publications, presentations, and communicating to the public. Advanced topics, such as 3D modeling & animation, handling and visualizing large datasets, interactive displays, and 3D printing will be covered. The course will emphasize the importance of producing high quality artwork in scientific communication.



Taking Products to Market (ChE 314) Fall 2017

This course is designed to introduce chemical engineering undergraduates to the entrepreneurial approach of solving engineering problems. By the end of the semester, it is expected that student groups will demonstrate the ability to innovate and come up with viable product concepts that can be pitched in a professional and compelling manner.


Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering (ChE 2410) Fall 2016

The objective of this course is to learn mathematical methods used in chemical engineering – primarily those dealing with solving differential equations. By the end of the course students should be able to apply these methods to tackle the kinds of problems that appear in chemical engineering research.