The Hypothetical Materials Lab


Welcome to the Wilmer Lab! We explore the properties of hypothetical materials using computer simulations. There are openings for students and full-time software developers. Please contact Prof. Wilmer for details.

Recent posts

Brian Day wins the PQI travel award

Brian wins the 2020 Pittsburgh Quantum Institute (PQI) travel award for his poster presented during the 2020 poster competition.

Blign launches!

Blign, a Blender plugin for aligning and distributing objects developed by Kutay and Jack of the WilmerLab, launches!

ChemE team wins 2nd place at IBM BlueHack!

During the 2019 IBM BlueHack hackathon, a team of ChemE PhD students from the Wilmer Lab, Little Lab, and Li Lab beat out 19 other teams for a second place f...